Original, yet catchy songs, dense harmonies, odd meters, jazz solos and loops...as for the so called "pop" idiom it's Anna at her absolute best. Probably the only studio album that shows all the sides of Anna's music in one set creating at the same time a coherent, independent, instantly recognizable voice in Polish songwriting.

Track list:
1. Jeżeli kochasz to nie pamiętaj mnie
2. Bo wcale nie trawa
3. Na dłoni
4. Nienasycenie
5. Małe dzieci po to są
6. I pozostało tajemnica
7. Licho
8. Nie wiem skąd to wiem
9. Manny gram
10. O co tyle milczenia
11. Droga na południe
12. Cichy wielbiciel
13. On wszystko o nas wie

After enormous and unquestioned success of “Bosa” album, after one and a half year lasting break filled with concerts fans of Anna Maria Jopek came by a new position in her discography.

The QUEEN of the atmosphere and reflection proves once again her unusual vocal craftsmanship.

Anna Maria says: The title “Nienasycenie“ is naturally loaned from Witkacy, but without direct reference to his writings. It was more about unsuccessful – as usual- effort of filling the music with all of fascinations, passions, colors and themes. Assumedly it’s an obvious impossibility.

„Nienasycenie” is a collection of songs. We did have even a working title of the album: “Eleven songs”, but it was to close to the latest Cohen. We recorded the songs the way I had a lot of pleasure out of it and I get bored easily. Therefore a different idea for each track. Hammer organs, cellos, electronic, soprano saxophone, classic guitar, choirs, opera soprano, a lot of fun. This Album has one task only: to give me joy. I will be happy, if my auditors like what I do, but on this stage I no longer have influence on it.